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    Kiroku stepped in front of Miharu, as if shielding her. She was fairly annoyed, but let it slide. Although she was fairly weak magically, physically she was quite strong. She was especially well-versed in the 'sealing arts', or Runes. Which is why she sneaked some weapons into the school and added some runes.

    "We fight, of course," she stated, and leaped into action. Literally.

    She jumped over Kiroku, flipping as she did so, letting a barrage of ice needles; the only thing that she was able to do correctly. They all landed on the monster on the vitals; the heart, liver, neck, and head. Some of her lessons in her childhood really stuck with her.

    She landed in front of the person that the monster had aimed for and pushed them off to the side.

    "What? Is it your time of the month?" taunted Miharu, changing from her withdrawn persona to her sarcastic, witty, taunting, infuriating persona.
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