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Muahafrala. First update~

Final Team must be: Persian, Rhyhorn, Gligar

Chapter One
  • Cursed my fate at being stuck with two NFE's of questionable battling value
  • Hacked a level 5 Meowth as my starter
  • Went to Mr. Pokemon's house
  • Received egg and Pokedex
  • Battled Rival, easily won
  • Named my Rival...Rival. Cuz I'm so creative. Then delivered egg
  • Travelled to Violet City and destroyed Sprout Tower
  • All this training has made my Meowth a beast
  • Murdered Falkner's Pokemon and won the Zephyrbadge
My current team is:

Level: 19
  • Fake Out
  • Bite
  • Screech
  • Fury Swipes

I can't post any pictures until I get 15 posts -.- Rawr. I'm sorry '.' I shall post pictures as soon as it lets me~