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    I'm not sure if fanfiction per-se have been done as anything other than doushinjis and written literature, but there have been attempts at animating the Pokemon Special Manga. That doesn't really count as fanfiction because it's really just transferring mediums. It is interesting to see something like that being attempted, though. Beyond that, the closest I think may exist at something like this would have to be sketch animations on youtube, but nothing beyond that. Nothing with an original concept based on the Pokemon universe that I'm aware of.

    As for other fandoms, I think a group of indie filmmakers made a LotR fan-movie once. A really good one too, and if it's not based of 'The Hobbit' then it really is fanfiction on the big screen. I haven't read the hobbit and I haven't watched the movie, so I'm sorry if a bit of the details are off. I'm just going from memory.
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