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Adria watched in shock as Andre moved quickly to attack the beast. His moves were quick and agile faster than she had seen anyone move before. People around her were running and screaming some trying to help and some running away in terror. Either way Adria was being shoved around until she fell to the ground. She stood just in time to see Andre collapse to the ground coughing. "Andre!" she yelled running over to him "Are you okay?" she whispered before looking up to see the beast looking at her.

Adria gulped a bit and stood up shaking a little in fear. She took a shaky breath and closed her eyes and Andre could hear her mutter "Please Work" as the beast moved towards them. Adria attempted to cast a jet of water. One of the most simplest spells and for once it worked just not how she wanted it to. Instead of hitting the beast and making it fly back away from them it backfired and hit the caster. Adria was sent back and hit the wall not far behind them and lay on the ground in to much pain to move helpless as the beast moved towards her.

(short I know but I have school soon)

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