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    Josh charged and took his destroyed gunblade with him. He jumped on the creatures back and held on to its knife like spine. The others had distracted him long enough for him to make his move. He aimed his gun at the creatures back.

    "Don't think Im going to let you kill one of those who helped me!" He shot the gun and the creature roared out in pain.

    How was he doing this? He couldn't hurt a fly back home... yet now... he felt his ruins sting more and more until they began to glow with an ominous black light. Words he didn't understand were rushing through Joshs mind, they were all in some odd language. It almost sounded... Latin? Two words stuck out in the teens mind.

    Psychicae Nectunt.

    Joshs eyes began to glow and he felt every little bit he knew about combat and more flow into his mind. He targeted the limbs of the beast as he shot. By doing this he was able to make the creature frenzy and charge. They were heading toward a fallen chandelier, he grabbed some chains while they rushed past and threw them across the room to the others.

    "Now!" He cried.

    "Use them to trip the beast up!"

    Josh shot the beasts front right leg. Causing it to swerve and turn around. Charging at the others. He did his best to hold onto the beasts spine as it charged.
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