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Okay, heres number 6, A lot has happened...
This continues to Fortree gym.


Training through those water routes resulted in this

Found myself a useful TM

Took the Trick house challenge again for more training

Helped out Watson for the thunderbolt TM

Did some training at the ''Jigglypuff Island''

Finally moving on towards fortree

Bumped into Steven again...

Team Aqua won't let me pass >.<

Seconds after owning the Admin

Beat May to which she gave me HM02 Fly

Ran into Steven again (coincidence?) and gave me the Devon Scope

Entered Fortree Gym

Challenging Winona

Winona defeated... Basically Golem just used rollout through the whole match xD

And thats about it!
Update #7 will see the Mosdeep gym and hopefully two more team members (Pinsir and Staryu)


Golem ♂ Lv.42
Strength/Magnitude/Rollout/Rock Blast

Pelliper ♂ Lv.40
Keen Eye
Surf/Protect/Fly/Wing Attack

Wobbuffet ♂ Lv.40
Shadow Tag
Safeguard/Counter/Mirror Coat/Destiny Bond

Lunatone Lv.40
Psychic/Hypnosis/Flash/Rock Throw

Update #7 coming soon. Maybe tomorrow.