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    Alex sat up in his bed when he saw his familiar rush towards the door, and try to open it. She pulled out the doorknob.

    "Oh, THANKS A LOT." Alex said sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

    “Umm, sorry about that…I honestly didn’t know I was that strong,” The girl smiled, and placed the knob down. She seemed to be about his age.

    The girl spoke again, this time trying to sound threatening and calm at the same time. Alex wasn't threatened; he was the one who had control over the situation.

    “So, Alex…mind explaining some stuff to me? Like, where I am, and what the hell is going on?”

    "To put it quite bluntly, you're in a place called Tristein. I'm a mage, who uses magic. We summon a being who becomes our slave for life, who is called a Familiar. You're my Familiar." He said everything in a neutral voice. He knew the girl would never believe him, but neither he nor she could change the truth.

    "Now, I told you what I can. Now it's your turn. What's your name?" He asked.

    But before she could answer, a letter flew into the room. "All students and their respected familiars are required to come to the Grand Hall for an Emergency Briefing... also a special not for those who have summoned... commoner familiars, you are to report to my office immediately first thing tommorow morning. Signed, Headmaster, Parton Awenston." The letter then disappeared in a puff of smoke.

    Alex wondered what the meeting was about, but he didn't have time. "Let's go," He said. He grabbed the girl's hand, and dragged her towards the Grand Hall.


    "Students I regret to inform you that your friend and loved one Smantha has died in her sleep... Despite our best magical cures we could not heal her I'm sure most of you know by now the severity of the matter. Samantha was found with three enchanted arrows in her chest. The magic used was completely uknown to us... but it bore a dark and sinister precense. This has led us to believe the culprit may be a member of the long lost heritage of.... the void mage."

    Alex was left in a state of shock. He didn't know Samantha, but he did know one thing. Void magic wasn't something common.

    "I can't believe that that kind of magic is back.... and why would anybody want to kill a student?" He thought.

    He turned to his Familiar, and said, "Let's go. Back to my room. It's time we both had a chat got to know each other.... cause it seems like we're gonna be stuck together for a while." He grabbed her hand, and led her back to his room.

    (OOC: Sorry this is late... busy with exams and all.)
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