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    A boy who was dressed differently like him had saved Kenna... Josh couldn't help feeling a pang of guilt that he didn't do it... but the fire blast from Kenna had launched him too far back to get there in tim.

    How the boy had done so confused Josh... but this was no time to think about that.

    Josh charged at the best and jumped up in the sir swerving past the boy who was attacking the beast and shot it in the temple as the other boy launched a superspeeded puch into its head. The creatures head cracked with a sickening crunch. But it wasn't done yet. It reeled up about to crash down on the boy, Josh landed right beside him just in time and aimed his gun at its chest.

    "Take this you son of a b*tch!" Josh cried as he pulled the trigger multiple times emptying his round.

    Shot after shot drove into the beasts chest knocking it back and slicing through its already wounded vital organs. The beast roared in pain as it fell back from its standing position and cracked on its back.

    It appeared dead so Josh breathed a sigh of relief.

    However he suddenly herd a roar as the beast began to right itself.

    Josh turned ready to fight again but suddenly....

    A rain of fire, water, wind and stone came crashing down on the beast literally slicing its body into pieces.

    A light mist covered the area and cleared to reveal a blood stained heart shaped indentation on the ground. It was over.

    Josh turned to see the headmaster hold his loosely aimed staff as he leaned against his broken podium, he had mastered the four elements and even in his weakened state was able finish off the beast. He didn't do anything else other than speak three simple words.

    "My office... now." and with that he disappeared in a whirlwind of emerald gusts.

    Josh quickly rushed to Kenna to find her passed out. He picked her up and held her in his arms. She felt... heavier than he expected. But soft at the same time. Her eyes were closed, she must have worn herself out with that burst of magic. He held her tight as he walked across the room.

    He approached the girl who had shot the ice crystals, she wore the uniform so she probably knew where they were headed.

    "Obviously I have no idea where that mans office is... you think we could head up together?"
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