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Ok, what did I do now?
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    For most of the fight Kiroku stood where he was and threw punches and kicks into the air with the same enthusiasm he had for the heel kick he delivered onto the beast's head. He really couldn't help it; his own skill amazed him. None of the fights back on Earth allowed him to see them and get a good feel of their potential. If he had, though, maybe he wouldn't have experimented like he did. He would've tried something safer, like make continuous strikes to the back or just not attack at all.

    Then the blast of fire appeared from the girl Miharu had saved in the beginning of the fight, and the boy felt himself being lifted up and knocked back into the air. At the same time, though, he saw Miharu caught in the same force and was also being pushed away. The same instinct to protect her came back, but this time it was stronger. She didn't seem pleased the first time, but I had to... Not only did I feel it naturally, but something else, like now, is telling me to keep her safe, Kiroku thought, controlling his flight backwards as he planted a hand on the ground and contorted his body, Sorry, Miharu. Be mad at me later, but I have to obey this instinct! Kiroku was now on his feet as they were grinding on the ground to halt his progression towards a wall. As soon as he stopped, a sudden sense came to him and he caught a glimpse of Miharu heading for her own impact with a wall. Leaping off from his stopping stance, the familiar dashed at an even greater speed (not as fast as someone with a more speed-specific power, but it was almost blurring to normal standards) and leaped for his mage. He relied on his timing as he contorted in the air, caught Miharu in mid-leap, landed on one foot, and manipulated his master's body to stand her up right before the second foot landed as well. He did it, and he sighed as he dropped to the ground and sat down. The moment made him feel so tense that he had to catch his breath. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest. What a rush... it was a little overwhelming; the boy putting his arms out behind him to support his body leaning back. However, something got caught under his hand, and it made him turn around an look in surprise. Fortunately it wasn't the blade-part, because he had his hand on the pole of a discarded naginata! A naginata? It doesn't seem magical in any way... Kiroku thought, picking the weapon up and examining it with a closer look. It appeared finely crafted with a pitch-black pole and a good fifteen-to-twenty inch blade. Black tendrils seemed to branch between the pole and blade, and they reached out and back to seem to almost grasp the blade. A small button was randomly placed on the pole, in between where the hands would go in the standard stance, but that was probably the method to disconnect the two halves that made up the weapon. Kiroku could see the ring where the two rods connected; there was probably a second blade, a pike, on the inside. Maybe it was in one of the display cases? As long as I'm here, I may as well get my own weapon to protect myself and others.

    Soon after he picked it up, the headmaster suddenly jumped in and destroyed the creature like it was nothing. To see the battle over so suddenly was... disappointing. Oh well, it looked like things were going down the toilet and there would be more chances to fight and prove himself in the future. The headmaster told them to go to his office, but the boy had no idea where it was. Standing up, Kiroku looked to Miharu, just as Josh was, to lead him. He also added a quick "Did I do well?" in reference to both his first attack and preventing her from hitting the wall. He seemed to really want feedback... hopefully it was positive.

    Murder has never been so adorable. H3H3H3H3H3H3 >:]
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