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    ((OOC: Sorry this is kind of late; I've been sick recently, and I have...two projects that are due that I still have to do. -.-; Plus, it's raining really heavily here and I had to walk quite a few blocks through the rain, causing me to be completely soaked...))

    The girl Miharu saved, she looked familiar, Kenna?, sent out a fire blast that lifted everyone off their feet and flying in opposite directions. Miharu turned, in order to land on her feet and kick off the wall, but Kiroku caught her and dropped her to the floor so she would stand. He himself, slumped down, exhausted. Miharu rolled her eyes slightly, carefully watching as one of the "commoner" familiars used his gun to harm the beast and the headmaster finished it off.

    "My," stated the headmaster, before disappearing in a gust of emerald wind.

    The boy who helped harm the beast walked up to Miharu and asked whether or not she knew where the headmaster's office was. Kiroku also asked her if he did well and Miharu nodded in response. Although, she would rather not have him trying to "save" her; she hated feeling helpless and weak. Miharu knew she wasn't strong, and would never be strong enough.

    "Follow me," she stated shortly, before walking out of the hall and to the direction of the headmaster's office. "I assume that you are one of the familiars that have been summoned from Earth. My name is Miharu and, yes, I am a student here at this school, obviously."
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