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    Adria stood a small gash on her forehead that was bleeding and hurt a lot but she went over to Andre not paying it any mind. "Are you hurt?" she asked after watching the headmaster finish off the beast.

    "My," stated the headmaster, before disappearing in a gust of emerald wind.

    Adria sighed and nodded taking Andre's hand trying not to blush "Thanks for saving me" she said before going after the others recognizing Miharu from one of her classes. "Miharu! Wait up" she called leading Andre after the others. Before she caught up to them she stopped for a moment and looked at Andre "I mean it thanks a lot" she said smiling a little bit not feeling really scared of him anymore "I'm sure we'll be great friends" she added blushing a bit before they kept walking after the others.

    (sorry for the lame post just generally kinda depressed today)

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