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    (huh, not much room to interact in the scene... oh well, I'll add what I want and fit it in ;p)

    Kiroku gritted his teeth while he sat down and listened to the headmaster go on about some kind of vague guilt. Even after he talked with 'Mist' and gave him a newer gunblade model, the boy remained in his seat. "Further guilty"...? Already his presence in this world, though against his will, is being questioned like the student's death and the boy's tragic fall was somehow possibly his fault. Rage was taking over, and no amount of "appearance" was changing it. This is just like before; his own world had tried to take every good thing he had. Once was enough. Slamming his hands on the arms of his chair, the boy quickly rose from his chair and glared at the headmaster with a fury that could've been called venomous.

    "You're full of CRAP, OLD MAN!!" Kiroku snapped, yelling loud enough for the secretary to jump with shock and try to see what was going on inside. He didn't care how loud he was. It didn't matter if it was just this one room, the whole floor, nor the whole entire school. His fingers were twitching in his rage; there was only enough restraint to keep the boy from trying to knock the headmaster out for a second time.

    "Watch your tongue, boy," The headmaster said with a stern gaze at the familiar. It seemed to look down on him, "You don't know the gravity of--"

    "Oh, I'll tell you what I know!" Kiroku added, cutting the headmaster off, "I know that I was suddenly taken from my home world to be some sort of helper to the mage that effectively took me away from my old life. I know that I haven't done anything except fall asleep in a locked room until you called us to the Great Hall, and then I helped take down some beast that wanted to kill everything in its path. I pretty much had a front-row seat to see that transformation, by the way. And so you're accusing us of something that is at best shoddy with little to no proof! Now, with all due respect, tell me what you know that gives you the right to blame any of us for this crap! You miserable old--" Kiroku was cut off as the headmaster lashed him with the staff. His head snapped to the direction of the weapon before lowering to the ground. His fingers lay motionless for a moment, but they soon continued with their erratic twitching as they gripped the arms of his chair.

    "You best consider yourself lucky that's all you're getting for your disrespect. I suggest you leave before you warrant more," the headmaster said, seeming to expect Kiroku to excuse himself. But the boy didn't. Instead, he lifted his head up; letting whoever looked at him see what he got as a punishment. There was a vibrant red mark on his cheek, and blood was dripping from his mouth. He was obviously in pain, but he seemed to be glaring in defiance.

    "There's nothing lucky about any of this," Kiroku said. His voice slightly trembled with rage, but it sounded a lot calmer than before. A sense of repressed sadness seemed to wash over the boy's emotions; adding to the defiance in a different way. "I know what it's like to have what little good you have in the world fall into question, and for the most meaningless of reasons. What you did was the least of what both worlds wanted to do to me the second I arrived on their surfaces. Say your worst-- DO your worst and slay me like you did that beast. Show me the harshness of your world. No sympathy. No remorse." The two stood in silence for a little while as if locked in a battle of will. Neither one of them made a move nor attempted to say a word.

    Kiroku bent down and picked up the naginata from the ground beside him. He bowed with respect as he made his leave. Closing the door behind him, he used his memory of the castle to drag himself back to Miharu's room. His spirits and hope felt crushed under the accusations of the new world.

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