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    Kita had froze up when the beast arrived. After Toby blasted it with wind, others had come and made short work of it. Kita realized how useless she had been, and the reality of her situation became clear to her. The headmaster's story was interesting, and made sense to her. The gunblade the man handed over confused her more than anything else.

    As they are leaving, Kita can't help but call out Kiroku. "That was kinda stupid. That beast kicked your ads pretty easily, and the old man defeated it like that." She snaps her fingers for emphasis. "And he had every right to suspect us. Apply some logic, boy. Summoning an Earthling has only happened once in this world, and the summoner turned out to be a cross between Satan and the Hiroshima bomb. Now several Earthlings get summoned? When you get word that Cthulhu is about to wake, you keep on eye on the guy in the black robes chanting Latin. And we're one hell of a black robe, pal."
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