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Andre stood and watched in awe as the headmaster killed the beast, then turned to his mistress and stood next to her in a defensive stance, ready to protect her again. But when things seemed to be over, he let his guards down and relaxed for a while.

"My," stated the headmaster, before disappearing in a gust of emerald wind. Frowning and raising an eyebrow, Andre didn't want to disobey, and as the others were going as well, why not follow?

Adria sighed and nodded taking Andre's hand trying not to blush "Thanks for saving me" she spoke and Andre blushed a lot as she took his hand. For a girl she wasn't shy at all, and she was already holding his hand. Despite that Andre didn't walk or pull away. "I mean it thanks a lot" she said smiling a little bit not feeling really scared of him anymore "I'm sure we'll be great friends" she added, blushing, and Andre blushed back, exchanging glances with her, then continued going, following the small group from behind. Andre could notice one thing though - she seemed to be a little scared of him. Frowning at that thought, Andre looked at himself. What was so frightening about him? He just couldn't understand it. Couldn't understand it at all.

In the headmaster's room, Andre listened to his story and he was flabbergasted. It all seemed...what was the word? Sci-fi to him. In the human world this was basically impossible, and would only appear in science fiction books. But now, it was real. And Andre needed a while for the facts to sink in. After the 'speech', the headmaster told them to leave, and Andre leaned towards Adria, whispering.

"Why are you afraid of me, by the way?" Andre whispered, tugging her hand gently, pulling her out of the room, against a wall, looking at her.
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