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    Adria listened to every word the headmaster said and got a little angry. How dare he think they were involved. Just because she and a few others summoned commoners did not mean they had anything to do with this. She opened her mouth to say something but Andre spoke first.

    "Why are you afraid of me, by the way?" Andre whispered, tugging her hand gently, pulling her out of the room, against a wall, looking at her.

    Adria looked around and sighed a bit leading him back to her room and locking the door. "It's not just you" she whispered standing in front of a mirror in her room looking at the cut on her forehead. "it's boys in general I'm scared of, but I don't feel as scared around you now" she added before sighing.

    Adria looked back at Andre as he stood by the door. "It's a really long story that no one knows about." she sighed more sitting on the floor. "I've never trusted anyone enough to tell them what happened to me" she said patting the spot next to her and Andre walked over and sat next to her. "my father went to Tristein and he managed to master water magic while I can't cast a single working spell" she sighed more looking away. She was afraid that if she told Andre he'd either hate her for being so weak or pity her. Adria didn't want pity, that's why she never told anyone.

    Adria sighed more and looked away from him "My mom died giving birth to me so he's always been hard on me. Pretty much all of my life he'd have me try to cast spells, when I failed..." she paused tears building up as she looked away from him still "w-when I failed... h-he'd beat me" she whimpered trying not to cry.

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