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    Miharu flinched when Kiroku was struck, not entirely there anymore. She was only brought out when Kiroku slammed the door and left. She rose, as if to follow him, when the headmaster motioned her to sit down.

    "Your familiar is out of control," he stated coldly.


    "He wasn't punished by the seal. That means you've given him free range."


    The headmaster narrowed his eyes. "You do know that this is a dangerous thing. If anything, this only builds on your guilt."

    "Headmaster, if we were really trying to bring the Chaos Heart back to life, during the confusion, we would have killed more students and merely state that it was an accident while trying to aim for the student who was turned. Plus, if I remember correctly, it was you who dealt the final blow on the student who turned, not us. So, headmaster, please excuse me if I do not follow your logic," Miharu stated coldly. "Now, please excuse me, I have a familiar to heal."

    "I'm not done with you yet," the headmaster stated, stopping Miharu from rising. "Get your familiar under control."

    Miharu smirked coldly. "Why, headmaster, he is already under 'control' as you stated." As Miharu stood up, finally without interruptions, and started for the door, the Headmaster's statement stopped her cold.

    "I know who you are."

    Miharu turned around. "I am not quite sure what you mean, headmaster."

    The headmaster narrowed his eyes. "Don't take me for a fool. I'm the only reason why your parents haven't found out where you are. If your familiar does not apologize to me in two hours, I will tell your parents and they can be reunited with their lost daughter."

    Miharu shook her head. "Go ahead, contact them." Please don't let her voice break or waver, please don't let her voice break or waver. "Kiroku was in the right. You were in the wrong." With this last statement, Miharu turned and left. When the door shut behind her, she shivered slightly, hugging herself in comfort.

    I am a legal adult now, they cannot touch me.

    However, Miharu knew that with her disappearance, they only strengthen their bonds with others, especially the royal family. And if they could persuade the royal family to still allow them to oversee everything she did...

    Miharu shivered again, except more violently. It would be back to the abuse. Miharu tighten her hold on herself; her nails biting into the skin of her arm.

    Everyone was injured today, she thought.

    Miharu put her mask of calmness back on and walked to the library. Perhaps it would be best to do more research on this "Chaos Heart" while she still could.
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