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Restarted Platinum. Named self "Dusk", male trainer. Chose Turtwig, nicknamed Brutus.

I want this to be a 100% PokeDex game. So I guess we'll see what happens!


Update: September 11, 2011

Well, no one else has updated, so I'll reupdate!! I beat Roark, and am currently going into Eterna Forest! Also, I dubbed Brutus the Turtwig to HM Slave-dom. I wanna do a no starter game(:

Vegas/Luxio - Male - Lvl. 19
- Tackle
- Charge
- Spark
- Bite

Baron/Staravia - Male - lvl. 19
- Tackle
- Double Team
- Wing Attack
- Quick Attack

Kraken/Magikarp - Male - lvl. 6
- Splash
(In training)

Hm Slave: Turtwig