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So her name is Valorie. Sounds...unique. Spike's ghost Pokemon was starting to get impatient, so he decided to pull a prank on Ralts. He vanished into thin air.

Ralts was still looking at the new human, Valorie. Ralts always seemed interested in new things, especially people. Then, in a big surprise, Gengar appeared in front of Ralts, making a scary face. "BWOAAHHH!!!!!!" Ralts shrieked & fell back, starting to cry.

"Waaaaah! Waaaahh!" Spike heard the cry & saw that Gengar had scared poor Ralts. Stupid ghost... He walked over to Ralts & picked him up. Ralts was starting to calm down a bit.

"What's with you Gengar?" Lectured Spike to Gengar. "You have no right to be scaring Ralts like that! Don't worry, I'm here Ralts. Try to be less agressive already!"

"Pfft, fine." Said Gengar with a disatisfied look as he floated back towards a tree. Spike's focus went back to the group. If they were going to make the video, they better make it fast.

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