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    Headmaster Awenston sat at his desk. *Those foolish children if only they knew...* He thought.

    *That girl, she has always been rebelious and to give free will... to a familiar with so much potential. The two others... Adria and her familiar. They were obedient but I fear they may have to learn to take a stand." The headmaster sighed.

    *and that third boy, the one who held his master... wether he knows it or not... he has a small part of chaos within him. That sword, the blade of chains, its obsidian edge should keep it buried for now... but I fear young miss Kenna, if the boys inner demons come out to fight, then she may be in danger.* Headmaster Awenston closed his eyes.

    *Am I doing the right thing... I do what I must to defend my students. But now... if the chaos heart really is resurfacing... then we may all be in danger."


    Josh awoke from his sleep, it was still the middle of the night. His new sword leaned on the wall beside his pile of hay. He kept his eyes closed, he heard the faint noise of Kennas breathing above him.

    His ruins had stopped hurting he had no other clothes, only what he wore. He sighed heavily and drifted back to sleep.

    He already missed home.
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