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    Well heres number 7, it is probably the biggest update, I finally got my whole team together!


    Continuing on from Fortree, I run into Team Aqua

    I head to Lillicove first, for some training and also to pick up a pokeblock case for the safari zone

    Entering the safari, looking for Pinsir

    Team member 5 has been caught!

    Not too shabby

    I finally let go of my slave

    Fighting Team Aqua at Mt. Pyre

    From there I had to go to Team Magma's base

    Found Groudon and defeated Maxie, Groudon fled

    Then I went to captain Stern, anticipating a robbery of his submarine... Which happened...

    Beat the Admin, but they got away

    Went over to Mosdeep and picked up a rod to catch Staryu with

    There it is, team number 6

    Timid After this I trained it using match call

    Took on the trick house yet again

    Training finished, heres ma team!

    Challenging the 7th Gym

    Battling the gym leaders, it was really hard for some reason =S

    In the end, Pelliper and Lunatone finished them off, I only had Wobbuffet left...

    Thats all there is for this update!


    Golem ♂ Lv.45
    - Soft Sand -
    Strenth/Earthquake/Rollout/Rock Blast

    Pelliper ♂ Lv.45
    Keen Eye
    - Mystic Water -
    Surf/Protect/Fly/Wing Attack

    Pinsir ♂ Lv.42
    Hyper Cutter
    - Silk Scarf -
    Cut/Facade/Rock Smash/Brick Break

    Wobbuffet ♂ Lv.45
    Shadow Tag
    - Lax Incense -
    Safeguard/Counter/Mirror Coat/Destiny Bond

    Lunatone Lv.44
    - Hard Stone -
    Psychic/Shadow Ball/Flash/Rock Throw

    Staryu Lv.40
    - Sea Incense -
    Bubblebeam/Recover/Ice Beam/Thunderbolt

    Update #8 coming soon
    It will reach Sotopolis Gym.
    Until then...