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I like how you've made your effects but they don't really serve as enough of a focal point alone. These are only effects, it would be nice to see them work around a stock image or texture in which you create flow too. However, the star brush is quite low quality in relation to the rest of the tag. You've created some nice flow, but again it needs to work around something. The colours are also a little all over the place, there's a few too many. You should work on depth too, adding more in the background and such, because overall the tag is quite empty. Try to incorporate your effects with a stock or render, otherwise they tend to fall short and not fill out a tag enough. I find it hard to add a whole lot more about it though, it just needs a further approach. If anyone else has some comments they may throw them in.

As I say, nice effects, but they don't really work as a stand alone tag.
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