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    Originally Posted by NarutoActor View Post
    'Offset of the facing direction byte for Person event N: 0x02036E38 + (0x24 * N) + 0x20'
    This is extremely useful I have been trying to find this out recently too. Good job :D

    Actually, I have a question. If you talk to the npc does the value change, or is it strictly the facing the player has in advance map.
    It varies depending on the movement behavior that you have set. What I found was that the byte was not updated after talking if the behavior was "No Movement". When using either the rotate-clockwise or walk-around-randomly behaviors, however, the OW's facing byte updated when they moved, when they turned, and when the "faceplayer" command was used.

    EDIT: I also just updated my list of every known flag and variable in FireRed. A list of all Hidden IDs (hidden-item Signposts) has been added as well.
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