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I have another question on EV Training:

You can only receive 510 EV points total. So if I'm EV training my Bagon in Sp. Attack and I max out his EVs (255 EV points) in this stat and keep battling Oddish's, will I lose some EV points to add to the Speed stat?

For instance, there are 255 points already in the Sp. Att stat. I battle Oddish another 5 times. Will I lose 5 EV points to add to the Speed stat; meaning I will only have 250 EV points to use?

I know I should be targeting 252 EV points max for each stat, but I think I might have forgot to add points once or twice while EV training late last night. So I was just going to give him 255 to be sure I got them all and then move to EV training in speed.

Sorry for the double post...