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Originally Posted by Gothitelle. View Post
To live up a discussion, do you let it known that your gay or do you just keep it to yourself? (by let it know meaning, post it in your sig or wear a shirt that says "Im gay!" etc)
The only thing that I wear that's in any way related to my sexuality are three bracelets that together make up the colors of the asexuality flag. Other than that, I don't flaunt my sexuality, but I don't hide it either. Like -ty-, if the discussion that I'm having with my friends turns to people we're attracted to, I don't mention anyone, or I might mention that one person that I am attracted to. Other than that, I don't run the streets singing about my asexuality, panromantic side, or about how I'm non-binary. Though I have dropped hints that I do prefer more gender-neutral ways to refer to me in real life.

Well, and I can't really hide that I shop in the men's department even though I'm female-sexed, so...

What does your school do concerning LGBTQ issues?
I believe my high school might have had a GSA when I first started going there, but it ended and was never revived. And my college really had nothing. If they did, I wasn't aware of it.

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