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Update number 8, I got my last gym badge and ready to challenge the elite four...


After the gym, I saw these suspicous fellows and followed them...

They took over the space station!

Needless to say, I owned them

Battled alongside Steven

Obtained the HM Dive, which will come in handy finding a particular stone...

The Water stone

I finally evolved Staryu into Starmie

Went to explore Team Aqua's hideout

Defeated Archie, woke up Kyogre

A drought

And a drizzle

I arrived in Sootopolis and saw the two Legends...

I fetched Rayquaza, it split them up, the world has been saved!

Challenging the 8th gym

Confronting Juan

Juan defeated! Thats the last badge!

Thats all there is, the next update will go straight to the champion!
Wallace if I remember...


Golem ♂ Lv.50
- Soft Sand -
Strength/Earthquake/Rollout/Rock Blast

Pelliper ♂ Lv.50
Keen Eye
- Mystic Water -
Surf/Water Pulse/Fly/Wing Attack

Pinsir ♂ Lv.48
Hyper Cutter
- Black Belt -
Cut/Earthquake/Rock Smash/Brick Break

Wobbuffet ♂ Lv.48
Shadow Tag
- Brightpowder -
Safeguard/Counter/Mirror Coat/Destiny Bond

Lunatone Lv.45
- Hard Stone -
Psychic/Shadow Ball/Flash/Rock Throw

Starmie Lv.45
- Twistedspoon -
Waterfall/Psychic/Ice Beam/Thunderbolt

Update #9 will be towards the champion.
Until then...