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Well, there are quite a lot of problems with this tag. I'll cover it one by one:

1) The Flow: Well, as far as I can see, you've used a lot of those slanting line brushes in this tag to create flow in the north east direction. But the stock's flow is pretty much the opposite. Doesn't really look all that good. The stock is moving on the left side while your effects are going towards the right. Try to work on implementing effects in a tag which compliments the flow of the stock. The result is bound to turn out much better that way. Oh, and try to stay away from using brushes like you've used them in this one. And talking about the brushes used here - the one on the bottom right corner is absolutely unnecessary, as I see it. Doesn't add anything to the tag.

2) Colors: Hmm, too blue. The whole thing turned out a little too blue. Try not to shift the balance towards a single color in any of your tags too much. Monotone isn't really a good thing. Oh, and if you've got a stock which contains a little too much of a single color only, try to add effects into the tag which are of a different color. For example, you can use some reds or yellows in a tag where there's too much blue in order to break the monotone. For this one, I think you could've gone for some red textures or c4ds.

3) Text: Just a general tip on text: Try not to force text in every tag. If you can't add it, don't do it. But yeah, if it is really necessary, try to add it in a place situated close to the focal. So that it doesn't take the attention away from the focal. Oh, and the text in this one is pretty unclear. You could've gone for some other color which might've made the text look better. I mean, the lines below the text are dark blue and the text is too! It is pretty difficult for the eyes to understand what's written over there.

4) Effects: Hmm, I can see you've used some sort of fractal or texture in this tag but it isn't too prominent. If you do decide to add effects into a tag, it'd be better if you make them visible, at least. I mean, the fractals on the left side of the tag and some over his body are barely visible. But they are there. Their presence, even though it can go unnoticed, distracts the eye. Either you add them to make them look prominent, or you just don't use them. Reducing the opacity like you've done in this one just doesn't help a tag. Tip: Stay away from using brushes in tags. C4ds and textures work MUCH better. ;P

Another small tip: Try using the burn/dodge tools in your tags. They really help in lighting. :)

Hope I wasn't too harsh. I tend to write stuff bluntly and people see me as a rude guy. Sorry if I appeared that way! :(

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