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Originally Posted by BCKC View Post
Anyway, my mom smashed my laptop into several pieces so I can't do much right now...
I'm hoping to at least get my files from the hard drive which is still intact(I think). Until then, I won't be as active >>
Ouch, sorry to hear that.

Originally Posted by Aura Guardian Zach View Post
Just got to the end of the beta. This is definitely one of the best games I have ever played. I just love it! The battle system is unique to Pokemon which is a huge plus. Great job :)
Thanks :)

Originally Posted by mew_nani View Post
@DarkDoom3000 I like the map. Makes me wonder where that cave goes. The heart of the mountain? Maybe the head of a lava flow... it's fun speculating what might be in there.

And some unobtainable Pokemon will be included in the Rainbow Tower? Will they be the usual ones, like Dratini and Porygon? :) Or wil there be different ones?
The cave leads to the map below.

Rainbow tower? As I've now completed all pokemon, I'm planning to add all pokemon to the rainbow tower. You'll be able to buy every pokemon.

I'll be adding the corrupted versions the pokemon as I progress through the game. If you purchase a pokemon via Rainbow Tower; you'll still be able to battle the corrupted version.(though you won't get the pokemon a second time)
This will mean HOPEFULLY next version, 200/201 pokemon will be obtainable. (no mew for anyone)

Kinda slow progress. Did some system changes, meaning I could now change enemy encounters based on whether it's day or night (or maybe even genI/III)

heres the map where route 17 connects to. Ice cave. Some ice pokemon avaliable; probably a snorunt. Maybe even a regice; but Ill see how much time I have before i commit.
Version 0.753 is out
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