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    Originally Posted by gvgisdi View Post
    A Silver hack, yay! Good luck.
    Has the event from your last video something to do with Celebi?
    Thanks, and no.
    It has nothing to do with Celebi, it's used as a portal to return back to the "non-book" world :D


    I've decided to release another beta soon enough.
    It will likely contain areas: Area 100 to Area 106, a couple of caves and towns. Not sure when it's done though - I'm currently editing Area 105.

    Another thing; you won't be able to gain badges in this hack which is a major loss when you're supposed to be able to use traded pokemon...
    Well, that thing is fixed !

    I found the asm routine for pokemon disobeying the player so I edited it so that traded pokemon will always obey you
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