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    Miharu shrugged. "I do not really know what the showcase is about; but you would think it would be a little bit unfair if it is a tournament, as we do have humans and others have animals...Although, who that would unfair against depends on what animals the people get. But, your guess is as good as mine."

    Miharu tilted her head slightly. "As for a bed being more comfortable than a pile of hay, I am pretty sure it is. I mean; it should be."

    Miharu nodded and stood up. She unlocked the door and mock bowed. "After you." She straightened up and grinned, but soon the smile was wiped off her face. "Although he is quite strong, the royal guards are strong themselves. They would have to be in order to protect the princess, who is very important."

    Although, guards are quite annoying. Even if she was fairly unloved by her parents, they didn't want to be kidnapped so she could be used as ransom against them, so she had many guards around her when she was small. She was also never allowed to go outside the manor, either.

    "Let us go."

    ((OOC: You can control them leaving and finding 'Mist' fighting. =P))
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