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    Josh coughed into his arm and smiled.

    "Now, now mr. Honour.... thats no way to speak to a lady."

    Emil grunted and turned towards Josh.

    "Nobody asked you commoner!... and my name is Emil."

    Josh smiled.

    "Whatever... Now Kenna... Joshua, My name is Joshua David Mist, so please just call me Josh. I am perfectly fine, a ponce like him couldn't do more than scrath me!" He said rising, then slowly falling again.

    "Or maybe I'm mistaken."

    Emil sat up. Trying to hide his grunt of pain.

    "W...What you did back there... that was Gandalfr core..." He murmured to himself, the others couldn't make out what he was saying.

    "What was that pretty boy? You don't need to use your indoor voice, we're in a tent." Josh started

    "Shut up, Shut up, Shut up! Stupid familiar!"

    "Don't use that tone with me pretty boy!!!"

    The two men leaned on their bedsides growling at each other.

    Emil whispered something to Josh.

    "You know Mr. Mist... I've been thinking of making my move on Kenna... think you could put ina good word for me..." Emil smirked as he finished.

    Josh had had it, He lunged at Emil then fell out of the bed in pain and landed on the ground.

    "Owwww" He murmured.
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