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"Fine, Josh. Happy now?" Kenna grinned as she stood up and stood beside Josh.

"Emil here and my brother Tristan used to be best friends before he died." Kenna hung her head. She did not want to think about that memory now.

"When he died, Emil helped me for a while, and for that, I owe him." She grinned at Emil and he grinned back.

Emil had known Kenna her whole life, while Tristan was like her dad, Emil filled a similar spot to her. Emil and Tristan had never been anything alike but yet they got along so well. Kenna sat down on Josh's bed so she could look at three pairs of eyes staring at her.

"Josh, why don't you sit down? You are still week and hurt, plus you could start a fight at any minute knowing you." Kenna begged. Josh did not move, he stood his ground. That was when Miharu came walking in with her Familiar close behind her.

"Oh..Miharu, Kiroku..Hi." Kenna smiled.
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