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    Adria smiled at Andre and Jen had left the room only to return a few minutes later. "Adria! One of the other Commoners is dueling with one of the Princess's Guard come on!" she exclaimed grabbing Adria's arm and Adria barely managed to grab Andre before being dragged out of the room.

    "Calm down Jen no need to drag us I'll follow" Adria giggled still holding onto Andre's arm as they walked. I hope whoever is fighting doesn't get hurt to bad she thought following her friend getting there to hear whispers among the students.

    "Wow that commoner tied with the Guard" One girl whispered to a boy standing near her.

    The boy sneered and shook his head "That guard probably took it easy on him. No way a commoner could fight" and upon hearing this Adria near had to hold Andre back.

    "I know you feel insulted Andre but don't listen to him." she whispered before asking the boy that had spoken. "Do you know where they went after the duel?"

    "The Princess's Medical tent of course" The boy snapped back at her obviously thinking he was better than her since standing next to him was a small dragon familiar.

    "Thanks for telling me" she said rolling her eyes at him and turning to walk away only to feel a hand grab her arm and yank her back.

    "Where do you think your going. Do you honestly think they are going to let you. A worthless pathetic excuse for a mage into the Princess's Medical tent?" he laugh shoving her to the ground and Adria winced as she hit it. "People like you don't even deserve to study here!" he said smirking down at her as Andre stood there looking angry.

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