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    "Grrrrrr.... let go of me." Josh said shaking off Miharus grip.

    Kenna was trying to calm them down, it was a nice gesture but Josh really didn't have the time for it. Kiroku also mentionedsomething but Josh was too angry to notice.

    Emil smirked at Josh again.

    "Didn't think the brave familiar would be the jealous type... are you afraid I'll drag your master off and we'll not need you anymore." Emil shot a gaze at Josh.

    "Well maybe I will do that..."

    Josh was just about ready to throttle him a puff of smoke went off in the room and everything went black. Josh heard a muffled scream and then nothing. When the smoke faded the princess was gone.

    A teacher, one with thining brown hair and a purple suit rushed in.

    "Hurry you must help us, our enemies from Germania have captured the princess!"

    "What?!" Josh screamed.

    "Yes" the teacher exclaimed.

    "They took off on a dragon. We have to make sure the students are safe so I had to refer to the royal guard and I heard the captain was here, which it seems he is.

    Emil was about to answer but Josh butted in. He wasn't going to let Emil upstage him in front of Kenna.

    "I'll go instead, I'm much better than this ponce!"

    Emil pushed Josh out of the way.

    "No this is my duty I will go!"

    Emil rushed out of the tent and Josh rushed after him anger in his eyes.

    "They went South!" The teacher cried.

    "What are you following me for!?" Emil cried.

    "Oh shut up will you! Im not the only one probably either, so just shut up!" He looked back at the tent. The others would follow in the most likely of circumstances.

    Emil hopped on a white horse and Josh hopped on a black. Luckily Josh had taken basic horseriding lessons back on Earth so he was fine riding one here.

    "If you must then come quickly, I can't have you slowing me down!" Emil said galloping off.

    Josh shot past him causing Emil to speed up.

    "Same to you!" He cried as he past him, there were small cuts throught the clouds in the sky, probably made by the dragon.

    The two rivals shot out the South gate.

    Josh couldn't help but wonder if the others were following.
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