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    "And who said that we were going into their airspace? I, myself, am quite comfortable to being close to the ground," Miharu shot back. "So, mind pulling that stick out of your rear?"

    Kaida snorted, and flew faster, bypassing the two on the horse fairly quickly. They flew at a breakneck pace until Kaida finally reached the border.

    Miharu slid off, petting Kaida on the head. "Thanks, mate. Keep close."

    Kaida nodded, and after Kiroku and Kenna went off, flew away.

    They waited for a few minutes until the two riders came up. However, they didn't notice them, apparently, and sat down to wait.

    Miharu raised an eyebrow. "Are you sure that you are a guard of the princess?" she questioned. "I mean, one would assume that someone with that supposed level of skill would be able to notice three people, who are not even trying to hide, by the way, right in front of them. As for Mist-san, well, I do not really know him that well, so I cannot say anything about him."

    She rolled her eyes slightly.
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