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First, let me move this to the Writer's Lounge. That's where writing discussions go.

Reviews really don't mean anything on Reviews tend to be rather...lacking in quality over there, and stories that are written badly but still hit the popular ideas in the fandom will still get a lot of reviews. For example, my friend wrote a really horribly Ash/Misty fic years before she wrote other better fanfiction. She still gets more reviews for the badly-written Ash/Misty fic just because it's an Ash/Misty fic, while her better-written stories don't get as many reviews.

I don't go to anymore, but I've read many discussions involving people who do go there. What they do is check the favorites of authors whose tastes/standards in fanfic they trust, so that they don't have to go searching through the archives. That seems to be the most popular method that I've seen, though it could still be disastrous, as some people don't use their favorites list in the way the name implies.

You could possibly look through the C2 communities on for recommended fics, ask for recommendations in the forums, or hang out at writing communities on forums for the fandom to look for recommendations. We just had a topic about that, so you could find some good fics there.

Other than that, I don't know what else to tell you. gets a lot of stories uploaded to it each day, especially for a popular fandom like Pokemon. Sometimes, you'll just tend to run into the lower-quality stuff, but there's still some great fics on that site.
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