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    Originally Posted by Retribution View Post
    I won't let this thread die... again. XD

    Here's a quick update.

    I re-did Buttafrone (both the female and male).

    And here's a PMD-style mugshot for tadittle. It looks a bit creepy.

    I'll also be editing the fakedex in the first post with the Buttafrone update.
    Okay, let's see...

    The male Buttafrone has a very basic anatomy flaw: the main body is turning in another position from the one the head is looking, and at the same time the arms show no response to either stance. I hope you get what I mean.

    ...maybe not. Here, I'll draw you a sample:

    All it needs is a little placement fixing. Apart from that, I really like the sprite. Hm, maybe if you lessen the dithering in the dress (that's a dress, right? the dithering doesn't do much in clothes when they're that small)
    The female Buttafrone is all right. It's abit funny to watch, actually.

    The mugshot is really good. You caught the exact style of PMD and you transferred your sprite into it correctly. I think a few pixels in the eyes' green shadowing need to be sorted out, but that's about it. Pretty cool.

    See you the next time you post new art!
    This is my December . . .
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