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"Kiroku... I'm not ever gonna stop hating this ponce... *sigh*... but if its for the sake of the princess then I'll... put up with him." Josh grumbled in acceptance.

Emil winced.

"Fine, fine I'll work with this common grade servant, but only for the sake of my princess and the sake of our land."

The two men looked at each other and shook hands briefly.

"I'll kill you when this is over..." Josh murmured.

"I wouldn't have it any other way..." Emil grumbled back.

In the distance a group of Germanian soldiers were charging towards the group.

"C'mon pretty boy, lets greet our lovely welcoming party."

"Honestly servant thats the best thing you've said all day. However Im unsure how they recognised our precense already... they could only have realised that if something was approaching from the air..." Emil shot a sneering glance at Miharu.

"Lets go!" The two men cried, charging into battle.


"What?!" The man cried.

"T... The target has gone?!"

The woman bowed her head.

"Yes my master... she was captured by a Germanian spy...Her guard captain and a few of the Gandalfr and their mages have set off on a rescue mission."

"Hmmmm..." The man contemplated this.

"You must go after them, Adriel." He said.

"For once... our enemies must succeed and then when the princess is back on the day of the familiar showcase... we will finish her."

"I understand my master..." Adriel stood and left.


Josh and Emil fought hard and strong with their respective power. Joshs using his combat skills given through Kenna and Emil using his effective mix of sword play and third level water magic.

Although Josh couldn't see him he was almost sure that Kiroku had joined the fight aswell.

Emil struck a man kicked him back and Josh impailed him.

Josh grabbed Emil from his underarms and swung him for a kick, knocking out three guards.

One guard came at them with a dragon, knocking Josh and Emil to the side, they would have been done for but... Suddenly a barage of arrows came out of nowhere and sliced through the dragon, Giving Emil the oppurtunity to finish it off with a stab to the chest.

Josh looked as a figure jumped from the trees and landed beside them. It was... The headmasters secretary?

She began to fire arrows at the surrounding guards as Josh Emil and Kiroku fought on.
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