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Ok, what did I do now?
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    Now was the time to test the button. Kiroku had entered the fray with Josh and Emil, and found that he was much stronger than in his last fight. Impaling enemies left and right, dodging the raid of arrows and the enemies' attacks without much of a problem; the talk with Miharu must have improved the bond between them. I can do some real damage now! Kiroku thought as he directed the naginata at an incoming enemy and firmly pressed the button. As predicted, the rods in the pole disconnected, but the bladed end shot out like a rocket and went completely through the guard. He had to be at least eight meters away, but there was still some length of chain on the other side. And the chains were all barbed! In total it had to be about ten meters of sharp chain! I lucked out and got a cool weapon. Pressing the button, the chain began to coil back into the rod that the boy was holding and it pulled the bladed end back. The two ends snapped together perfectly.

    From out of nowhere, another enemy dragon appeared and clawed at the boy. Kiroku jumped back in haste, but it was only enough to avoid a crippling/fatal strike. The claws ripped through his shirt and left shallow gashes on his side. They stung, but he was more fortunate to be alive. "Dragons are a myth in my world, and now sadly I have to kill one," Kiroku thought as he swung the naginata and pressed the button again. It shot out like before, but the bladed end missed the dragon. That was fine; the barbs were the real attack. Whipping the handle rod in decisive strokes, the chains wrapped around and bonded the beast. And then, pulling the line as fast and strong as possible, the barbs dug in and tried to cut through the dragon as they moved. Unfortunately for the dragon, it's physique was too tough for it to just be ripped apart by the chains running through the body. It had to roar in agony as the chains slid across its outer exterior and rip apart its outer flesh.

    "At least the arrows are raining down. You'll die soon enough, and I hope it's soon for your sake," Kiroku mourned gravely as he retracted the chains into the weapon, "I don't have the time to finish you properly." With that, he bowed as he darted off to give support to Miharu. They had to work fast, right? He'd observe a moment of silence later.

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