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    Name: Rafael Obeng

    Nickname Felly

    Age 13

    Gender: Male

    Dorm:Raikou Dorm

    Appearance: He is around 5ft 5in tall. He also almost always wears light blue jeans with a shirt with a picture of pichu on it. He has light blue eyes and short black hair. Rafael also has tannish skin.

    Personality: He's an easygoing kid who is funny at times. Even though he's easygoing he helps people out when they need it. He can at times be really annoying.

    He is a good person that is cool to be around. Although im cool doesnt mean i have many friends. When Rafael is around a popular or cute person he tends to act shy.

    History: He is originaly from New Bark Town but moved to Vermillion city because of Team Rocket. His father is missing and then he put his love for his dad into his love for electric type pokemon. Rafaels dad was always strict about his secondary love of ground type pokemon. But since he disapeared his love for ground pokemon came back.

    Everyday Rafael would go to diglett cave to hang out with the digletts. But one day a pichu was getting attacked by a group of dugtrio and fainted so Rafael brought it to the pokemon center and didnt want to leave me so i kept her. That day his mom was proud of him and let him keep Pichu as his very first pokemon.

    Ever since the day he met pichu. Pichu and I were training twenty four-seven. We were training so we could one day hopefully get accepted into the trainer school. Then one day pichu started glowing but i stopped her from evolving because i loved her to much to let her turn into a pikachu.

    Speciesichu (female)
    Nickname: Sparky
    Personality: She is cautios and shy and always wants to stay out of her pokeball so i let her after classes. She was my very first pokemon
    Lvl: 16
    Moveset: Volt tackle, Thunderbolt, Sweet kiss, Attract, Thundershock, Iron tail

    Species: Ghastly
    Nickname: Ghostface
    Personality: He is a prankster who loves his pokeball. I caught Ghastly when it was getting beat up by poochyena.
    Lvl: 15
    Moveset: Lick, Hypnosis, Night Shade, Shadow ball

    Species: Sneasle
    Nickname: Darkness
    Personality: She is a mysterious pokemon that hates pokeballs. She also is very energetic and cheerful at times
    Lvl: 10
    Moveset: Faint Attack, Blizzard, Slash, False Swipe
    soooooooo lonely