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    "...However I'm unsure how they recognised our precense already...They could only have realised that if something was approaching from the air..." Emil shot a sneering glance at Miharu.

    Miharu rolled her eyes as ice needles appeared in her hands. "Dude, we were barely off the ground. We were a few INCHES off the ground. Kaida's just amazing like that. Plus, they probably knew that people would be coming after the princess. She is the princess after all."

    However, Emil could not respond as the soldiers were right on them. Miharu threw her ice needles with startling accuracy, each of them hitting pressure points that would cause them to lose conciseness. A few attempted to surround her before they fell to the ground from the scary aim of her ice needles. Then, a barrage of arrows came and hit a dragon and quite a few of the guards. However, by the time that the arrows came, all of the guards that had tried to attack her, thinking her of the weakest link, were all on the ground, to be knocked out for eight hours.

    Miharu nodded, smirking. She noticed a movement out of the corner of her eye and saw that it was a kid. It also seemed that "Mist" saw it as well and shot the kid in the leg. Miharu winced. Didn't anyone knew that one at least took a second to assess the "threat" before shooting?

    Like "Mist", Miharu's blood boiled at the obvious mistreatment. She growled at Emil who offered to kill the boy. It was the first time that she had lost her temper, ever. Although it would usually be cute on girls, it was just ferocious and slightly scary on Miharu.

    She walked closely to Kiroku, inspecting him for injuries. She noticed a few scratches, but it seemed that that was all the injuries that Kiroku sustained. When they reached the cave, as others started the fire, she dragged Kiroku a bit away.

    "Let me bandage those scratches," Miharu stated.

    Kiroku looked ready to argue, but with a look from Miharu, he did not say anything.

    Miharu grabbed some bandages from her pocket and tied it around his scratches.

    "I am not sure what affect potions would have on you," she murmured softly, "so I would rather not try to give you potions if that is alright with you. We should probably test this later with the school nurse."

    Kiroku nodded and soon, Miharu was done with the bandages.

    Kiroku whistled appreciatively at the bindings. "How'd you get so good?"

    Miharu shrugged. "Sometimes potions were hard to come by. Bandages were the best I could come up with at some times." It would be bad for the family image if they had to buy so many potions for their daughter, after all. Plus, when she lived on the streets, potions were much too expensive to buy for the smallest injuries, so she learned how to tie bandages well pretty fast.

    They both came close the campfire as the secretary gave her name. They both listened fairly quietly, until Emil asked, "What do you make of this...boy?"

    Miharu hmmed. "Why the pause before boy? Really, you nobles are such arseholes." Never mind the fact that she was still technically a noble, but still... "I am quite stuck between that he could be a spy, or that he could really just be a mistreated child. Since I really would not like to mistreat children, I would just say that we should probably not talk about our plans around him, but still keep him around and keep a watch on him. If he does seem to be a spy...Well, we should probably incapacitate him. Not kill him, but make him knocked out for about eight hours, which is something I can do with pressure points. However, we should probably treat that gunshot wound so it does not become infected. The cave will not help matters anyways."

    Miharu stood up and knelt to the kid, Ben. She was glad that he was asleep, then he would not have to feel the pain. She checked his leg carefully. Luckily, there was an exit wound, so she wouldn't have to take out the bullet. It also didn't seem to hit a huge artery and with his age, he probably would not bleed to death due to the fact that the vein probably clotted already. All the same, he could be infected and that would be terrible. Miharu cleaned the wound and bandaged it, making sure that he would not wake up. When she was done, she went back to the "circle" around the campfire.
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