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    This Hack Take Place in Sinnoh
    It Started as an Emerald Hack But The New Storyline Surrpasses anything Emerald Could do.
    Can You Guys Suggest any Other Program I Could Use.
    I also will need help with other stuff too.

    The Heros:Lucas(19 years old),Dawn(17 years old),Barry(18 years old)
    In DPP Dawn was 11 Lucas was 13 and Barry was 12 so 6 years have passed since they went on any big Adventures.In those Six years Some strange unidentified pokemon have Done many things. One Made the Eterna Forest Erupt in Eterna volcano so The original Eterna City Was Burned Down a New One was Built neer that but since everyone there Died(Exept the gym leader) the moved new people here.Buck is the New Gym leader there.There Was also The Explosing of Fugo Iron works Whick Destroyed Floroma town.MT Cornet Callapsed so now The Is the Cornet Caverns Witch is along the Road to hearthome. The Complete Nothern Half of The sinoh Reagion was destryed(Bye Bye Snowpoint city) Lucalkly Candice was Visiting Sunny Shore at that time so she was Unharmed. The old Eterna Gym Leader Retired from gym leader And is now living in Jublife find her she will give you a prize.The Survival zone Was Destroyed But Battle zone and Resort Zone are still standing(So is Mt. Stark) But Also Shaymin's Garden Was Also Destroyed So Shaymin is A Randomn Encounter and is in Sky Form.Lake Verity Was Destroyed Also (Thats Two of the Lake Gardians Dead). And Azelfs Lake was Turned into a Crater Killing Azelf in the prosses.Deoxys is now found there. Garitinas Secret Hideout was Destroid exept for one little Cave of it witch was protected by the dustoration World.Iron Island, New moon and Full Moon are now All Under Water But Also You Can Now Walk From Canalave to Jublife Because the Water rose. Pal Park Was Sunk Also. But Dialga, Palkia, Garitina, Cresselia, and Darkria With Be shown Fighting on A NEW ISLAND for the Bodies of The Lake Gardians,Arceas Stops this. Back to the Before story.Team Galactic Split into 4
    Team Mars
    Team Saturn
    Team Charon
    and Team Jupiter
    While Cyrus Acts Alone

    Operations of teams.
    N also plays a Small part Because Team Plasma Has A Small operation in the Sinnoh region.
    Archie,Matt,Shelly, and Amber also play a part because team Aqua Has An Mission in Sinnoh
    Maxie,Courtney,Tabitha, and Mack Also Have an AQua Operation in sinnoh.
    Jessie and James Appear Friqintally.