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    ((OOC: I think it is night. XD 'Cause the sun was setting, so...))

    "You should remind me to ask permission to study potions when we get back to the school. It might be a good idea to have people in our group of Earthings and Magi who know how to make remedies," Kiroku said as he sat down next to his mage, "And it would be nice learning about something in this new world other than combat."

    Miharu nodded. "That probably would be wise. I know a bit of potion making, it is one of the only thing that does not need magic and as such, I do not fail at it, so, if you want, I can teach you." Miharu smirked slightly. "I am quite good at it. The best in the school, actually."

    "Oh, and I can take the watch until we're ready to move out," stated Kiroku.

    Miharu shrugged. "Perhaps we should rotate in pairs. I probably need to stay awake just to watch Ben in order to see if his wound gets infected. If I do end up falling asleep and the person on watch notices him sweating or something of the sort, wake me up immediately. Do the same if his bandage starts to bleed red. Since I am sure they did not use potions on him, he probably would not react well to potions either. And I would rather not see the aftermath of me using potions if he is not used to it," Miharu stated dryly. "So, Kiroku and I can take the first watch, but I cannot stress the importance of waking me up if you notice that Ben is in pain, or the wound is getting infected. I would rather not have to cut off his leg if that happens." This was stated towards Emil. "And it would be with Emil's sword too."
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