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    "And I will be ripping off this one's sword arm if he tries anything funny," Kiroku added, standing up and moving closer towards the mouth of the cave, "I need to practice that barb-wrap technique." It got progressively colder as he walked away from the campfire, but that was to be expected. He like the cold, anyhow, and was probably to only person he knew that did. If it bothered him it would only keep him up for his shift. There would be time to sleep later.

    He was also happy to know that he was partners with a mage skilled in potions. Above all else, the boy wanted to be as helpful as possible. Potions might be a small deed, but if it helped people in the future it was worth-while. Just another thing to like about Miharu. I'm glad we're friends, Kiroku thought as he looked out in the distance and kept a sharp eye out for danger, I'd never be doing this at home. Serious business, but fun... I would recommend an assault in the night, but with that boy here we'll be immobile for a while. Might as well, I don't trust Emil and his uppity, bloated head.

    Murder has never been so adorable. H3H3H3H3H3H3 >:]
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