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    Errrrm, just one thing: I just found it weird that we're allowed to catcha Poochyena in Route one in Kanto~

    Okay, I shouuuuuld explain the NPC I made, along with other's I'm going to make:

    ~Trisha's basically Amber's rival. She's probably like, the only few that can match Amber's trash talking performance.
    ~I'm also going to make a character that's obsessed with numbers (alllllmost like Sho Minimoto almost) except he uses BIG words, and has a less desire for art. :B He's also Amber's rival...and Trish's.
    ~And also a news crew! They're going to follow the three; kind of making this sort of like a show. :B

    Well, that's what I have planned!

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