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Hi all, I got some graphics which I have been struggling with for some time, and I hope somebody can help me out. (I am Graphic Designer, not Game Developer) I am working on a game which is based on the designs and abilities of the Pokemon series, however, I totally changed the storyline, as well as the direct connections in the story between the player and the pokemon in question. Therefore, in one of the levels, the player is flying on the back of Latios, and have to avoid attacking Pokemon from different directions. But, to make even more interesting, I want to enable the player to let Latios use a fire attack by pressing the actionbutton, which, on impact with, will directly affect the enemy-event.
So. Is it possible to use an event as a moving-trigger which willl be activated by another event on touch or impact???

Quite hard to explain, but it is close to some kind of Arcade game.
The graphical design is brilliant, but it need to work as well. Please help me out with that!

Cheers,- Yero Kuethe, Townsville, Australia
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