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I also feel the need to bring this whole Team Rocket thing up, seeing as I am in control of the Expo section of the RP for all intents and purposes (secondary to our wonderful GMs Yellow and Megaman obviouslys *totes brown nosing*)

But yeah, if Calnith is planning on staging some major show at the will be smacked down by the Security. I think we need to remember that with HoTa we are talking about one of the biggest trans-national corporations in the WORLD (of Pokemon) - probably can draw parallels with Microsoft, News International or Exxon Mobil in our world. Major, multi-billion dollar turnover corporation.

As such, their security is reflective of this. And as the Expo is a huge annual event with so many high-profile attendees (who themselves will have their own personal security) HoTa takes absolutely no chances with their Security. All non-public areas will be heavily restricted, security guards have the most well-trained Pokemon secondary to the Champions themselves and the physical barriers that will be set in place will make this all practically redundant.

So I suppose I'm just setting the scene for any character who is hoping to cause in, they can cause trouble, but they had better prepare for some serious butt-kicking and other consequences because trust me when I say that there is no way that an Academy student can outsmart this corporation.

Yellow, Megaman, feel free to tell me to stop being a douche if this is going too far, I just wanted to put it out there before the ship docks ^3^

Which, btw, I was going to make happen after Mackenzie and Mark finish their battle - everyone okay with this?