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    Name: Annalise Alouise Ashner

    Nickname: None

    Age: 14

    Gender: Female

    Dorm: Suicune

    Annalise is a very tan girl, rather toned in form because she managed to get around a lot. With milky, hazel eyes and neck length raven hair, she stands at 4’11” and weighs in at 105lbs. She wears a magenta and white striped tank top over a powder blue t-shirt. These meet navy blue bike shorts and black tennis shoes with socks that run up to her knees.

    Annalise is very much a product of her upbringing, being graced with being known in her village as one of the few children that lived. Because the village took the call of raising her with those that survived, she has developed a severe respect for adults, making her almost fully reserved in their presence. She has a great love of history because of how she was taught to never forget those that came before and thus has a great passion for Fossil Pokemon which eventually evolved into a love of Dinosauroid Pokemon overall. In fact, these are the type of Pokemon she has developed an obsession for, willing to go the distance to see, let alone attain.
    She has developed a love overall for beauty, or at least her perception of it, stemming from a belief that life is precious, having come so nearly close to death, herself. Thus, whereas she has learned to conform to adults and their wants, she has an inbred love of what she believes can emphasize life, including history which entails what life once was. Because of this, she enjoys pushing herself in things like her encounters and her studies, the concept of experiencing life to its fullest becoming the most beautiful thing she knows just short of the past. She does, however, suffer from a chronic, unexplained insomnia that limits how much she exerts herself. She also suffers from being removed from her own generation of children, having not really grown up with anyone her age, thus meeting others like her brings her a sense of great joy and embarrassment, as she is unsure of how to perfectly act.

    Annalise grew up on Rockfort Island a small island, nestled off to itself in the Kanto region. Here, the close-knit community made do with what they had, only briefly going out of their way to the mainland as their only chief exports happen to be their curious offspring, willing to eke out into the world, if only because they are so detached from it. The island, however, fell victim to a powerful plague, the likes of which their small civilization was not prepared to receive. The result was the death of some of the adults and a majority of the children. Annalise was one of only a handful of children that managed to live.
    Having survived at just the age of seven, she lost a lot, having lost her mother and her older brother, a teenager who had dreams of seeing the world and becoming a Pokemon paleontologist. While she loved him, she was not profoundly affected by his loss, at least not in comparison to a village that had lost its budding new generation. Rather than despair, however, the villagers effectively adopted the remaining children, each man and woman becoming a parent to the ones that had managed to survive. Many of the children did not see or interact with each other, and those that did had the awkward air of being more than what they were meant to be, the pressure of multiple adult expectations weighing them down. Annalise was especially kept from the others, being schooled from the beginning in remembering the things that were lost, being taught that all lives, no matter how small were precious.
    In time, Annalise grew to the age of twelve and in an attempt to experience something new in life attempted to swim for the first time, a mistake that nearly resulted in her life being lost, the girl unaware of how to swim and swept away in the current. All would have been lost if not for a Lapras youngling separated from its herd that managed to collect her. She fell in love with its heroics, and the two became close, the Lapras becoming her first Pokemon. As she progressed, however, she inherited her brother’s will of becoming a Pokemon paleontologist and inherited his two Fossils, an Aerodactyl and a Kabuto. She was encouraged by her father to make a stake in life for herself and her brother, live for the two of them and get an education in Pokemon to become that paleontologist, so now the time came to put her knowledge to practice and theory, joining Pokemon Trainer Academy. Her will in this endeavor is not entirely her own, but she pushes forward to no ends regardless, only slowed down by chronic insomnia and some social awkwardness.

    Pokemon 1:
    Species: Lapras
    Nickname: LapTrap
    Personality: Gentle
    Level: 18
    Moveset: Confuse Ray, Water Pulse, Ice Shard, Dragon Pulse, Thunderbolt

    Pokemon 2:
    Species: Kabuto
    Nickname: Gigan
    Personality: Impish
    Level: 17
    Moveset: Mudshot, Harden, Bubblebeam, Screech

    Pokemon 3:
    Species: Aerodactyl
    Nickname: Falke
    Personality: Adamant
    Level: 20
    Moveset: Roar, Agility, Bite, Wing Attack, Hyper Beam