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    Originally Posted by Jambo51
    Saving, quitting and restarting: Check
    Map to map connections: Check
    Walking: Check
    Running: Check
    Ledges: Check
    Tile Scripts: Check
    Trainer and Wild battles: Check
    Warping: Not working
    Biking: Not working
    Surfing: Not working
    Flying (Kind of warping here...): Not working
    Scripts moving the player: No idea XD
    About scripts moving the player, i think that.. if the other OW, is -1 coordenate,behind you, why you cannot imitate it?
    For example;
    #org 0x672130
    applymovement 0xFF 0x8offset1
    waitmovement 0x0
    #binary up, up, left.
    (I'm to lazy to write every offset, and moves)
    Mi idea:
    First, the second OW move to the last X/Y player coordenate, (player it's moving..) and then move the same as player moves. (before that, i think u must "save" the movements of the player in the ram)

    Sorry for my bad english, and i hope that mi idea works or something xD
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