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This game is friggin' EPIC!!! Buuuuut... there's still a few things to be said.
1. You have not said anything about the battle frontier If you have no ideas for battle facilities at the moment, I would be happy to suggest a few.
2. The fakemon that you released 20 pages or so back are all too buff. They're all in the same general shape. Add a bit of variety.
3. You seem to be lacking a legendary trio. If not, then my mistake. But if so, may I suggest using serpents?
4. MORE SKIN!!!111!!!!1!!! Looks aren't everything, and I am not seeing any beef in the storyline. Plus, there has been no mention of an antagonist team or elite 4/champion. At least show a few overworld evil team sprites.
5. (Just a suggestion) Try something that no epic fangame has never done before: make new castform forms. Or even make it an eevee type of evolution chain with weather based dragons.

This is my constructive criticism. I think that garnet is a work of art. I am eager for the demo. These are a few things that I think should be worked on. I am freely willing to suggest fakemon at any time.