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Y'know, that actually raises a darn good question. Battling your own pokemon definitely counts as a trainer battle, but if there is no trainer involved at all and it's just two trainer owned pokemon fighting...

...Perhaps getting one level is an appropriate balancer for the fact that pokemon are not supposed to be able to just train themselves efficiently.

Otherwise, people would really have no reason to limit how many pokemon they carry on them other than space to keep the balls, as they could just tell the pokemon to go train against each other and not be personally involved. Aka, pokemon get stronger and they get stronger faster when being trained by their trainer as opposed to training on their own.

Realistically it would depend on the intelligence of the pokemon as to how effective training themselves would be. A dragonite would realistically be able to train itself even better alone, or at least in theory, considering it's huuuge intelligence. Meanwhile a Jellicent possesses about as much intelligence as a real jellyfish. (See: Disturbingly little)

Yet, for the purposes of fairness, perhaps it is in the best interest that we put that balancer of only getting one level if a trainer is not involved. (Doesn't even have to be a specific trainer.)

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